US Military Endurance Sports Athlete

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Hi I'm Ben Smith. I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, run an online community, and started a war against obesity. I picked up crossfit along the way and running. I train hard every day, not because I have to but because I want to. It's life. It has become a part of who I am as a person and my lifestyle. I’m always on the go, experimenting with new supplements, and ‘diets’ as well, though I prefer to just eat healthy 24/7 with very few cheat days. I rest when I feel like my body needs a rest. One day, I aspire to have my own personal training studio or faith-based gym and do fitness boot camps on a regular with a client base.


I grew up playing youth league sports and I’d ride my bike for miles every day after school until the sun went down and my mom came home from work. However, I didn’t get hard core about fitness until my latter years in high school. Every day after school, I’d drive to the local Gold’s Gym and get a workout in. Over time my love for health, fitness, and nutrition grew. I sought more knowledge in those areas. Early 2013, my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer and she was obese at the time. She passed away a year later, after my mother passed I dedicated my life to fitness, health, and nutrition. My mom is my motivation and knowing how important health, fitness, and nutrition is. They are passions of mine that I want to share with the world. Not only do I live for myself but I live for her as well. Knowing I’ll be healthy enough to be able to play in the front with my future grand kids, or least do my part in that happening.


I do two workouts on a regular. One is sprint interval training on a treadmill, which can help decrease body fat, achieve a lean and sustainable body composition, lower blood pressure, improve heart health, and increases endurance for distance runs. One minute walk, one minute full sprint for two to three miles at a time. The other workout I do often is, 1000 jump ropes with 100 pullups. You can do ten sets of 100/10 or go for time. Do four sets of 250/25. Mix it up. Use different pullup variations. There are tons of benefits of jump roping and doing pullups. Pull-ups are arguably the most difficult bodyweight exercise. Two benefits of pullups-being improved grip strength and overall upper body strength. I tend to tailor my training program to obstacle course racing and to what I’m trying to accomplish.


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