What’s life without a little flavor?! This year we’ll be launching not only a bevy of new flavors, but new products as well. You asked us to, so we’re bringing on board new all-natural ways to support your fitness goals. The single most requested item was a solid BCAA product, so guess what, after months of testing, we’re going to bring that to the Complete family. That’s not our only new addition: with a whole line of brand new products, we’re revamping the way you taste, and feel, All Pro Science.


When we asked our customers in 2013 (our 4th birthday!) what the best offer we could put forward for them, the resounding response was BOGO! Now, going into our 8th year(!), you’ve asked us to revamp our pricing. So out with the old (price) and in with the new (price). Not one thing has changed about our all-natural supplements. We’re not dropping quality. We’re not losing our focus. Instead, we’re offering you a permanent discount on APS products. As the first, and still one of the only, lines of completely all natural supplements geared towards pro athletes, we want to make sure that the Team APS family can include everyone!


Yet another big program we are rolling out early in the year is a whole new way to interact with Team APS. We love our pro athlete Team APS members, and we love our customers who call and write us daily about their trust in our brand. So we’ve come up with a way to make everyone a permanent part of Team APS with our brand new APS Ambassador program. The perks are some of the best yet: from free products and gear to even more discounts, APS Ambassadors are the everyday face and voice of Team APS


What’s a protein shake without a shaker? Inconvenient, to say the least. We’re bringing on a whole new way to shake up your routine. Eco-friendly shaker cups, stylish gym bags, and your new favorite gym shirt. We’re also partnering with some of the specialized gear companies you know and love to bring great new products right to your fingertips. APS is still an all-natural supplement company, now we’re just supplementing our supplements to help you get further, without compromising performance.