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I am Anne Dooner. Half way through college, something sparked me. I was going to the gym every few days and just doing the same boring thing. I decided then and there I wanted to get into running. I actually hired a trainer to help with my form. She ran with me, timed me, and helped me with body weight exercises. After our first session together, she wanted me to train for a 10k. I said no, I wanted to do a half marathon. Fast forward 3-4 years later, I have ran over 5 half marathons, 2 duathlons, and 3 triathlons.


Now, I actually don't run anymore. I'm happy I did what I did but running didn't bring me the same joy it once did. I needed to find something else to motivate and excite me. I started doing group fitness exercise and found my niche. I recently rejoined ClassPass. It gives me the opportunity to try out new studios and new classes all the time. Keeping my workout sporadic right now is what keeps me going. I also love taking classes with friends. I have a great community in Minneapolis where everyone loves to try new things together. Also, with working at Fabletics, I always have a workout buddy on hand I can grab and go to a class. 


My favorite workout right now is POUND. It's like I'm jamming out at a concert while getting a killer workout in. It's so much fun and definitely a high every class which I love.


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