Join the Team (APS)!

Last year so many customers asked us for a mid-tier sponsorship opportunity that we just had to sit down and figure one out for you. We’re very happy to announce our brand new Team APS Ambassador program for 2017! It’s a social based sponsorship program that allows you to share the brand you love and receive great bonuses.


Signing up takes just a few minutes, and guarantees that your set up almost instantly. You can find the form below, or at this link . To start, you’ll need to provide us with your social profiles and a few other details. Your information always remains confidential, and you can opt out at any time.


The core of the program is social. As your special Team APS Ambassador code is used by friends, you’ll get points towards free product, gear, or cash! Your friends don’t need to sign up, we’re not a pyramid scheme. They just use your special discount code to order the products you’ve already been using.


Unlike others, we don’t hold on to your points for 90 days and wait for some magical threshold to be passed. Instead, you’re free to almost instantly use your points, or cash them out, as you want. In addition, we’ll send you free swag, product, and other goodies to help fuel your Complete fitness journey.

Get with the Program!

Here’s the details: Once you sign up for the Team APS Ambassador program your application is reviewed by our team. When you’re approved, you’ll get an email with your details, and can choose your preferred Ambassador level.

We are offering THREE different levels for you to choose from. All levels allow you to choose your preferred level and method of payout, and offer the same perks.

Each Team APS Ambassador will receive their personalized APS landing page showcasing their profile and favorite products, unique discount code for their followers, and a free starter pack of APS product.

Interested? Sign up today!