Natural gluten-free protein powder from APS

If you are an athlete with gluten sensitivity, it can be difficult to navigate through the various protein powders. If you have had gluten allergy symptoms such as discomfort after eating gluten, you may want to consider a gluten free diet. 


Does whey powder contain gluten? There are many supplements with hidden gluten, which may not be listed in ingredients.


All Pro Science carries only gluten free products


APS is Always Gluten Free!

With APS gluten free protein powders, you can enjoy gluten-free protein drinks. 


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All shake creations on the All Pro Science website are all gluten-free recipes. There are also a few gluten free vegan recipes you can see also in the navigation menu under Fitness Tips. 


So what is gluten? Gluten is a type of glue that can build up in your gut. A gluten-free diet will help you avoid the pain associated with gluten intolerance symptoms. This is why a gluten free lifestyle can be the best option for your body. 


What is gluten in? Gluten has developed into a commonly used baking agent. Inside flour, gluten will help rise the bread. Gluten also helps extend shelf life. Your bread for instance, will sit for weeks because of gluten-type agents. 


Gluten is not only found in baked goods, but also is the main ingredient in fake meat products. That's right, faux meat products are filled with gluten.


Ways to begin a gluten free diet

  1. Lowering your intake of carbs from bread-based products will reduce your chances of eating gluten. Foods like cookies, cake, and other breads are not always gluten free products.
  2. Vegetables and greens are high in protein and carbs can replace the need for products containing gluten. Eating vegetables and greens will provide everything you need to maintain a healthy diet!
  3. Many protein shakes contain gluten! If you  one of the many athletes who are looking to join the gluten free lifestyle, try replacing your current protein shake with a gluten free protein powder from All Pro Science.

Should I switch to gluten free products?

The best time to become gluten free is now! Your body will thank you and you'll feel much better. Remember, gluten is a glue that builds up in your stomach! The sooner you stop eating gluten, the quicker your body will recover. 


All Pro Science is always gluten free! APS also offers dairy free protein powder, in the form of vegetable protein (contains no dairy or soy!)


Get all natural. Get gluten free.