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All-Pro Science Recovery replenishes your body after a grueling workout so you can rebound faster and continue training hard. Our lean formula is low in sugar and contains no fillers, artificial flavoring or sweeteners. 

When you use our Recovery, made with APS protein, you also get the benefits of a complex array of amino acids which your body uses to sustain many of its critical parts; from muscles to bones, blood and skin.  Using Recovery after workouts is a healthy way to put nutrients back in your body whether you are an athlete at the top level or simply exercising to stay in shape.

Our whey protein comes from all-natural grass fed cows which are never treated with antibiotics or bovine growth hormones.  Unlike other sources of whey protein, which may come from cows raised on diets of fillers and corn, grass fed cows are free of unnatural contaminants. (Learn more about grass fed cows here.) 

With four delicious and refreshing flavors (Natural Pineapple Orange, Natural Fruit Punch, Natural Lemonade, and Natural Blueberry Ice), Recovery is perfect for after exercise, practice, drills, runs, , and meets or competitions of any kind.


   * Supports Rehydration
   * Promotes Muscle Recovery
   * Refreshing To Drink


    * 7g of Protein per Serving
    * 21g of Carbohydrates
    * Only 8g of Sugar
    * Vitamin and Mineral Fortified
    * Good Source of Calcium* and Amino Acids*
    * No Artificial Flavors, Sweeteners, or Fillers
    * Hormone-Free Dairy (BGH-Free)
    * Net Weight 24.7oz (700 Grams)